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Disclaimer Terms and Conditions of Use and Disclosure

In this Terms and Conditions of Use and Disclosure, “Customer” and “I” and “me” or “my” shall all refer to the visitor to or user of this website, or viewer of its contents in any form in any medium at any location, including any location of republication. “Merchant” shall refer to the owners, content creators, and persons or entities involved in producing this “Website,” which in turn shall refer to the contents found at the Web domain and any subdomains of

1.Customer affirms that I am at least 18 years of age.

2.Customer hereby acknowledges that explicit visual, audio and/or textual depictions of sexual conduct appear on this web site, that I am familiar with materials of this kind, that I am not offended by such materials and I am interested in viewing it. I am entering this website because it has adult content. I do not find adult content offensive or objectionable. I believe that as an adult I have the right to choose what I see and read, and I am choosing to enter this adult website to view adult content.

3.Customer is fully aware of the laws and community standards of the locality and community to which I am transporting these materials and am solely responsible for my actions.

4.Customer does not reside in a Nation, State, County, or Locality where this material is considered obscene; nor do I live in a Nation, State, County, or Locality where it is illegal to view, possess or distribute such sexually explicit material.

5.Customer is requesting this site for my own non-commercial use in my own private residence.

6.Customer acknowledges and accepts that it is my responsibility to prevent from viewing any adult content on or from this website any person who is under the jurisdiction of any municipality, city, state, country, or other governmental entity where viewing adult content is prohibited by law. Customer, understand that passive or active failure to uphold this responsibility will place me liable to civil and criminal prosecution.

7.Customer acknowledges that the material found on this site is not suitable for minors or persons who object to adult content of an erotic nature. I agree to take all due precautions to prevent minors or persons who may find such content objectionable from accessing, viewing, or downloading any material found on this site, such as but not limited to: implementing access controls on my computer; implementing access controls on my web browser software; keeping my access information out of the hands of minors; preventing others from using my user agreement credentials to Merchant (“cookie”) to access sexually explicit material.

8.Customer agrees that I must not permit any minor to see material found on this site. I agree to keep my computer, account and password safe from access by minors.

9.By entering this website, Customer agrees to release, discharge, and hold harmless, The Merchant (the providers, owners and creators of this website) from any and all liability which might arise from the viewing, reading, and general consumption of adult content on this website on the part of myself or on the part of any other persons who may use my hardware, software or security credentials with or without my permission to access this material.

10.Customer agrees that all information that I disclose to The Merchant its agents, partners, and affiliates is solely my own, and is accurate, current, and does not infringe on the privacy of any others.

11.Customer certifies that I am the owner or beneficial holder of the credit card or other payment instrument used to make any purchases on

12.Customer warrants that I will make any purchases from Merchant, its agents, partners, and affiliates, in good faith and intend to pay for it.

13.Customer agrees that Merchant, its agents, partners, and affiliates have the right to use any information that I disclose to them for any purposes they see fit.

14.Customer agrees that Merchant, may capture details of my identity and Internet usage for the purposes of fraud and piracy reduction.

15.Customer agrees not to engage in fraudulent representation or behavior; I agree not to share, lend, give or otherwise allow usage by others of my user names or passwords, and otherwise to uphold fair business practices for Merchant.

16.Customer agrees that all materials and contents of this site are the sole property of Merchant and its partners.

17.Customer will not copy, upload, transmit, transfer, distribute, publish, modify or use for any commercial or other purpose any of the material on this website, including the underlying HTML source code, without permission in writing and signed by the owner, The Merchant, of the material.

18.Customer agrees that I have no right to copy, save, capture, perform, redistribute, hack, pirate, burn, rip or otherwise attain personal possession of materials and contents of Merchant, and subject to revision at any time without disclosure to users by Merchant. Any attempt to violate this clause may lead to immediate legal action.

19.Customer agrees to abide by all standards of behavior, disclosure and fair use determined by Merchant for its users, whether elaborated in these Terms or Conditions or in any other document.

20.Customer agrees that Merchant has the sole right to determine standards of behavior, disclosure, and fair use for its users and may change those standards at any time.

21.Customer agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the provider of this site from any and all civil claims or criminal charges that result from access, use, and viewing of the materials contained on this site.

22.Customer acknowledges that all material found on this site is for entertainment purposes only. Merchant makes no guarantees as to the factual accuracy of any statements, assertions, or publications found on this Website.

23.Customer agrees that all visitors and members to this site support the principles of freedom of expression as articulated in the Constitution of the United States of America.

24.Customer acknowledges that all images, content and files in this site are copyrighted material and re-use requires the permission or written consent, as appropriate, of the copyright owner.

25. If Customer uses Website in violation of this Agreement, Customer understands Customer may be in violation of local, state, federal, international or other laws, regulations, ordinances or other rules.

26.Customer agrees that any failure to comply with any of the above terms and conditions will result in the immediate termination of my permission to access this Website, possible criminal or civil charges and prosecution. Merchant will undertake any legal action required to obtain compensation for damages incurred if any.

27. Customer’s bookmarking or use of bookmarks or other method(s) of directly accessing any page(s) on this website and bypassing this Agreement shall constitute an implicit acceptance by Customer of this Agreement.

28. Customer is aware of and has read the 18 USC 2257 Record-Keeping Requirements Compliance Statement pertaining to Website.

29. Merchant may be providing material or images intended for an age restricted audience. Access to this site is intended solely for people who are of legal age in the jurisdiction where this site is being viewed who wish to access visual images, audio sounds, and verbal descriptions of a sexually oriented and frankly erotic nature. Materials available within this site may include depictions that are visually graphic in nature and portrayals of nudity or sexual acts and should not be accessed by anyone who is not of legal age in the jurisdiction where this site is being viewed, by anyone who finds such material offensive in nature, or by anyone who simply does not wish to be exposed to such materials.

30.Customer agrees with and affirms the following statement: “I affirm and swear that as of this moment, under penalty of Perjury, I am of legal age in the jurisdiction where this site is being viewed and are at least 21 years of age in the US. I will not permit any persons who are not of legal age in the jurisdiction where this site is being viewed and are at least 18 years of age in the US to view or access in any way any materials found on this website. I understand that by accessing this website, I will be exposed to materials that may include but are not limited to, visual images, audio sounds, and verbal descriptions of a sexually oriented and frankly erotic nature, portrayals of nudity, and sexual acts. I affirm that I am not offended by such materials, and that such materials are legal in my community. I am volunteering to view, hear, and access such materials on my own volition, and I choose to do so because I want to view/read/hear or otherwise access such materials for my own enjoyment, information or entertainment. My choice is a manifestation of my interest in such matters, which is healthy and normal, and is also held by most adults in my area. I am completely familiar with the standards held in my community, and the material I expect to access in this site falls within these standards. In my experience, the average adult in my community accepts the consumption of such materials by willing adults in circumstances such as this, which offer reasonable insulation from the materials for minors, and unwilling adults. Adults in my community will accept the standards displayed within this site, and will not find any of the material patently offensive.”

31. Additional Terms and Conditions: The site may have additional conditions that are an integral part of Merchant’s offering to Customer, and are in addition to these Terms and Conditions. Such other conditions as published on, or as shall be published in the future, will in no way invalidate any of the Terms and Conditions listed here, unless they explicitly state they will override all or part of these Terms and Conditions, and will become effective immediately upon publication on this Website. Customer is responsible for abiding by both the Terms and Conditions listed in these Terms and Conditions and any additional conditions from the time of their publication.

32. No Third Party Beneficiaries: Nothing in these Terms and Conditions is intended to confer upon or create in, nor shall anything herein confer upon or create in, any person other that the parties and their successors and assigns, any rights, remedies, obligations, or liabilities whatsoever.

33. Choice of Law: This Addendum shall be governed by the laws of the State of Louisiana.

34. Venue: All disputes involving Customer, Merchant and/or Customer’s use of or experience of/with this Website shall be resolved in the courts of the State of Louisiana. Any case in which Merchant is a party shall be brought in the courts of the State of Louisiana, or if not brought in a court of the State of Louisiana, Customer agrees that upon request of Merchant to the non-Louisiana court, Customer will join Merchant in requesting that such case be dismissed without prejudice, with the understanding that the case may be brought, at either party’s discretion, properly in a court of the State of Louisiana.

35. Severability: If any one or more of the provisions contained in these Terms and Conditions shall be invalid, illegal, or enforceable in any respect, the validity, legality, and unenforceability of the remaining provisions contained herein shall not be in any way affected or impaired.

36. Notices: All questions, complaints, or notices to Merchant or in relation to this Website should be directed to: